In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
Praise belongs to God, who has guided human beings through reason and revelation. Human beings through their intellectual endowments and experiences are capable of making right decisions when encountering difficult situations in their everyday life. And, yet, there are moments when the consequences of one's decisions are difficult to gauge. Mere analysis of pros and cons do not answer tough questions about what lies ahead in store. Moreover, some decisions have implications for family members, friends, and others near and far. In adopting course of action one wants to avoid causing unintended harm to oneself or others.
It is at such crossroads that one needs to meditate and seek God's help through God's revelation to choose that which is appropriate at a given time. This process of meditation on the Qur'an and prayer is known as istikhara, meaning "seeking a course of action that is beneficial and that avoids harm and injury to oneself and to others." Muslim tradition has preserved several methods of seeking God's guidance through prayer and meditation on the verses of the Qur'an. In this Istikhara, When You Need It mobile app we have endeavored to make the Qur'an the major source of such meditative efforts to find the right course of action when confused and in doubt. Keep in mind that faith in God's guidance is a prerequisite to consult this divine resource. Any casual contact with this source should be avoided.
Istikhara, When You Need It is now available to you as mobile application on the following smart phones and tablets to facilitate availability of Guidance, When You Need It.